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Annell Dyfri

During the last academic year, I studied the MA Broadcast Journalism course in the JOMEC department at Cardiff University. Unlike many other postgraduate courses, this course is more focused on developing the students' practical skills. I attended daily lectures and workshops, learning all kinds of transferable skills such as editing, script writing, broadcasting, searching for stories and dubbing. I certainly got a taste of the broadcasting world while studying the course and I had the opportunity to experience different workplaces, including ITV Cymru, BBC Cymru and S4C. These experiences were of considerable benefit to me, giving me the opportunity to practice the skills I learned within a Welsh context.

I am now employed by BBC Cymru. Having spent a period working on the news programme, I now work for the on-line service BBC Cymru Fyw, writing articles and creating digital material in Welsh. Receiving the grant was certainly a huge help when studying, especially with the cost-of-living crisis. As someone who really wanted to study in Cardiff, receiving the financial support ensured that I could do so. My hope is to continue working within the broadcasting world, further developing my skills in the fields of linear and digital media.