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The James Pantyfedwen Foundation
2019-20 Annual Report

The James Pantyfedwen Foundation distributes grants to and for the people of Wales, according to the wishes of the Foundation’s benefactor. Sir D J James. During 2019-20, the Foundation awarded grants totalling £470,049 under the following headings:

Religious Buildings   £72,000
Educational Purposes (Students) £308,555
Eisteddfodau £  69,273
Morlan-Pantyfedwen Lecture £      221
Urdd Gobaith Cymru £  20,000

The James Pantyfedwen Foundation
2019-20 Audited Accounts

The total incoming resources of the Foundation during 2018-19 were £709,057. The income of the Foundation is derived mainly from an actively managed endowment fund which is made up of a mixture of equity, bond, property and cash holdings. This is permanent endowment and is not available for allocation to grant recipients. Trustees have agreed a Statement of Investment Principles with their investment managers, look to invest on a time horizon of more than seven years and are comfortable with taking a medium/high level of risk. The value of the endowment fund at the end of 2019-20 was £13,841.729.

A copy of the Foundation's Annual Report can be downloaded here
or is available from the Foundation Office.