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Morlan-Pantyfedwen Annual Lecture

In 1961, the benefactor of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation instituted a series of annual DJ James Lectures on religious topics. The Trustees continued this tradition, although the Lecture was later delivered on a biennial basis. It was presented alternately in Welsh and English and delivered periodically at university venues in North and South Wales. Since 2015 however, this Annual Lecture has been organised in collaboration with the Morlan Centre for Faith and Culture in Aberystwyth, and is known as the 'Morlan-Pantyfedwen Lecture'. It will continue to be given alternately in Welsh and English, and held at the Morlan Centre every year. A full list of previous Lectures is given below. 

The 2020 Morlan Pantyfedwen Lecture
The 2020 Lecture will be delivered on Monday evening 16 November 2020 at 7.30pm. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this lecture will be delivered on Zoom. It is entitled Understanding Young Millennials: Values, Identities and Belonging 

The lecturere will be Professor Linda Woodhead, from the University of Lancaster.

Professor Linda Woodhead is an academic specialising in religious studies and the sociology of religion. She is best known for her work on religious change since the 1980s, and for initiating public debates about faith, and has been described by Matthew Taylor, head of the Royal Society of Arts, as "one of the world's leading experts on religion". She is always “fascinated in how people’s beliefs shape their lives, how different those beliefs can be, and how and why they change over time.” Linda Woodhead has studied neo-Hinduism, Christianity, spirituality, and Islam in Europe, and her work has examined the changing forms of Christianity, the growth of alternative spiritualities, gender, sexuality, power and religion, the rise of ‘no religion’ and the values and beliefs of the ‘nones’. In her lecture, she will share some of the research findings of a recent research project undertaken to look specifically at the values of the postmillennial generation, and how those values influence their lives and the communities of today.

To register for a link to the event on 16 November, please e-mail post@jamespantyfedwen.cymru.

1961 Bleddyn Roberts Sôn am Achub
1962 E T Davies Religion in the Industrial Revolution in South Wales
1963 W T Pennar Davies Rhwng Chwedl a Chredo
1964 D R Griffiths The New Testament and the Roman State
1965 Griffith T Roberts Dadleuon Methodistiaeth Gynnar
1966 Nantlais Williams Faith Facing Facts
1967 Gwynfryn Richards Gwir a Diogel Obaith
1968 W D Davies The Gospel and the Land
1969 D Eirwyn Morgan Bedydd - Cred ac Arfer
1970 O E Evans Saints in Christ Jesus
1971 James Humphreys Yr Argyfwng Cred
1972 John R Richards Jesus - Son of God Son of Man
1973 Maurice Loader Yr Epistol at y Galatiaid
1975 G Henton Davies The Old Testament as a Whole
1977 Gwilym R Tilsley Crefydd y Beirdd
1979 S Ifor Enoch Jesus in the Twentieth Century
1981 David Protheroe Davies Gwir Dduw o Wir Dduw
1984 Iorwerth Jones Recent Revelation Theology
1986 Dafydd G Davies Canon y Testament Newydd - ei Ffurfiad a'i Genadwri
1988 Islwyn Blythin Religion and Methodology: Past and Present
1990 E ap Nefydd Roberts Diwinyddiaeth Fugeiliol: ei Seiliau a'u Hegwyddorion
1992 Cledan Mears Marriage and Divorce: some moral anomalies
1994 R Tudur Jones Teyrnas Crist a'r Tywyllwch yng Nghymru
1996 D Hugh Matthews The Church in the New Testament
1998 Martin H F Forward Gods, Guides and Gurus: Theological Reflections on Travels with my Aunt
2000 Hefin Jones Crefydd, Y Cread a Chadwraeth
2002 Stephen Nantlais Williams Two Thousand Years on: What is Truth?
2005 Gwilym Henry Jones Etifeddu'r Tir
2007 Leslie Griffiths Execrable Villainy: Evangelical Christians and the Abolition of the Slave Trade
2009 Gwyn Thomas Drych Aneglur (Duw a Dyn a Dawkins)
2011 Richard Harries Passion in Art
2013 Noel Davies

Moeseg Gristnogol Gyfoes

2015 Mererid Hopwood

Gwragwn tanc:  Make Peace

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Is Christianity Good for the Poor?

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2018 Brian Griffiths

Is there a Christian Alternative to Capitalism and Socialism?

2019 Elwen Evans

Milltir Sgwâr, Byd Crwn (Localism and Globalism)

2020 Linda Woodhead

Understanding Young Millennials: Values, Identities and Belonging