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The James Pantyfedwen Foundation regularly supports chapels and churches from all parts of Wales by offering grants to renovate and develop their buildings. Sir David James, the founder and benefactor of Pantyfedwen, was very keen to support religious causes in Wales, but also argued that Wales had far too many places of worship, that there needed to be a rationalisation and sharing of church buildings, and worked hard to foster a greater level of ecumenical work.

The Pantyfedwen Trustees meet three times a year to consider various applications from chapels and churches (March, July, November), and applications must be submitted at lease a month before the date of a meeting.  In accordance with the Founder’s vision, priority is given to those applications where the renovations are clearly linked with the mission and outreach plans of the church, and especially in an ecumenical context. The church needs to have a membership of around fifty and must meet regularly on Sundays.  

If you wish to submit an application for a CHURCH grant, please read the guidelines carefully before completing an application form.  The guidelines and the application form can be downloaded below.

Church guidelines

Church application form