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Alaw Mair Williams

After graduating from Cardiff University with a First Class degree in Welsh and the Professional Workplace, I decided to continue studying the MA Writing for the Screen course at the University of South Wales. I had enjoyed studying modules such as Creative Writing and Scripting on my undergraduate course and these encouraged me to continue with a course that allowed me to have the opportunity to be creative.

The course allowed me to write in Welsh individually, and when working with my fellow students we worked together through the medium of English, so I had the opportunity to practice my creative writing in both languages which will definitely help in the future. During the course we had experiences of writing scripts but also got to be part of the production process, go out to shoot a short film of our choice, before finishing with an individual project of writing a feature film. 

In addition to this we were able to go on a screenwriting course with Bad Wolf and I was able to have work experience with Boom Cymru.  We were very fortunate to be able to use the university's equipment such as cameras and sound equipment but we needed to finance scripting software, costumes for the actors and travel costs ourselves; receiving the James Pantyfedwen Scholarship therefore helped in allowing me to be able to pay for these things.

I was very grateful to receive this financial support because it has helped me throughout the year to be able to finance essential parts of the course and to be able to study a subject that I enjoy. Here’s hoping to secure a job in this field before too long!.