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Hazel Maria Foy

I am delighted to have finished the MA Fine Art & Contemporary Dialogues course at the Swansea College of Art, having achieved a 1st Class distinction-level award at Masters level, especially given the social and political climate during this time. Having lived and studied through a pandemic, off-shoot effects of war and the rise of the cost-of-living crisis, ironically it seemed to have been the perfect time to be studying a Fine Art degree, particularly the ‘Contemporary Dialogues’ course. Many times I recall myself beginning to consider leaving the course earlier than intended, usually due to living costs and anxiety. But I chose to stay committed to the course and to my own practice knowing that I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to study and to learn, and with the help of the Pantyfedwen fund, there was a little less financial pressure regarding my course fees. I cannot thank you enough. The course allowed me to thrive in the darkest of times and be able to express what was going on in the world through safe creative expression. I now have the tools I need to carry out my own professional practice, and to continue raising awareness about our planet.