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Mabon Hari Evans

I would like to give a huge thank you to the Foundation for the grant I received for my MSc Econ studies in Welsh Government and Politics at Cardiff University. Thanks to the help given, I got the most out of this year, ensuring that my full efforts went towards reading around the subject and writing my assessments.

As I studied a first degree in History, studying this course was initially challenging as I tried to get familiar with the subjects and different methods of study, but these challenges were very beneficial in developing my wider academic skills. Overall, studying the course was an extremely interesting experience, as I learned about a variety of themes and discussions on politics in Wales and across the world, and broadened my research and analysis skills. Most importantly, the course gave me the opportunity to read, discuss and write through the medium of Welsh, something I was unable to do as an undergraduate student. I wrote my dissertation on the influence of advocacy alliances within the Welsh Government Roads Review, which has given me more confidence to research and write in Welsh in the future.

After a hard year of work, I'm going to take a short break to travel the world, while looking for careers in the civil service. The past year has prepared me well for this kind of career, and thanks to the Foundation's help, the past year has laid a solid foundation for my future plans.