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Siôn Jones-Davies

Following my degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham, I was very fortunate to receive a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to put towards my tuition fees for the MSc in Medical Radiation Physics at Swansea University. I decided early on in my undergraduate studies that I would like to be a medical physicist, so the MSc seemed an ideal next step.

During the MSc I studied the differing specialisms that make up medical physics: radiotherapy physics, radiation protection, nuclear medicine and imaging with ionising and non-ionising radiation. During the course, the various laboratory projects provided me with the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained to practical scenarios, for example creating treatment plans for radiotherapy, analysing MRI scans and investigating radioactive sources. My dissertation was based in the nuclear medicine department in Swansea Bay University Health Board, where I investigated ways of improving an aspect of clinical practice related to thyroid disease using the radioisotope iodine-123.

As well as being intellectually challenging and deepening my knowledge of physics, the MSc has been incredibly beneficial for my future career, as I have recently started a post as a trainee clinical scientist in nuclear medicine based in Singleton Hospital. I am very grateful for the Foundation’s support as it significantly helped me to attain my postgraduate degree and so apply successfully for a trainee clinical scientist post. I am delighted to be able to continue in the exciting and rewarding field of medical physics.