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Kate Matthews

The grant I received from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation meant that I did not have to worry about the cost of my tuition fees whilst studying for an MRes Bioscience degree. This allowed me to completely focus on my studies and take all opportunities that arose during my time at Aberystwyth University. One of the most memorable examples of this was a fishing trip off the coast of North Wales to collect samples for my project on the artificial habitat created by Gwynt y Môr Wind Farm. This was an experience I will never forget because it not only allowed me to be out in the field conducting new and exciting research, but it also reminded me of why I chose to study life sciences in the first place. Plus, I got to hold a shark!

Throughout my research I gained priceless skills, including genetic analysis, taxonomic identification, and how to independently conduct research with confidence. All of which will be carried forward into my future career, which I hope to be centred around the environment and species conservation in an ever-changing world. Thanks to the support I received from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, I am more determined than ever to work in marine science and make a difference.