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Megan Elen Huws

After receiving a First Class BA Welsh and Philosophy degree in 2021, I followed the Graduate Diploma in Law course. This was the first time I studied Law, so it was a big step in my career, but I am very happy with my decision. After completing it, I decided to continue in the field of Law and follow the Master of Legal Practice course, to allow me to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to prepare me for training as a solicitor. The intensive, interactive nature of the course enabled me to experience some of the unique requirements of working as a solicitor. 

I have now been informed that I have passed the Legal Practice Course and am eligible to practice as a solicitor, which is a great relief after a challenging year of exams. I followed an additional course in order to gain an Advocacy qualification in the Welsh language during the summer, where I had the opportunity to advocate in front of Welsh Counselors (KC). I have also submitted my dissertation after working on it all summer – an essay on the challenges facing the legal world today, focusing mainly on zero hours contracts and the GIG economy, which came to the conclusion that the law in the UK needs to be reformed because it is so uncertain for employees.

I have secured a job at Capital Law Ltd in the centre of Cardiff, in the Department of Employment and Immigration. Next year, I will start my Training Contract with the company, where I will get a taste of various fields of law, including Disputes/Litigation, Business (Corporate/Commercial), and Property. My aim is to stay in Cardiff as a solicitor at the moment, mainly because I have lived here now for six years as well as for a period during my childhood and feel a commitment to the city for what it has given me. I have been fortunate too to have been appointed as the Junior Lawyer's Division Welsh Language Officer for Cardiff and South East Wales. I look forward to starting my role.

Pursuing a meaningful career where I can make a difference is what motivates me, and the James Pantyfedwen Foundation has enabled me to follow this path. A huge thank you to the Foundation for your generosity.