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Elin Angharad Morgan

After I received the James Pantyfedwen Foundation grant, I started the Bar Training course with the Master of Laws course in Cardiff, after achieving a law degree from the University of Birmingham. Without this fantastic grant, last year would not have been possible.

The Welsh student finance loan is not enough to finance the course itself because it is an expensive one. In addition to completing the course, I had to travel to London on several occasions to complete the required qualifying sessions. The grant meant that I was able to complete the course, focus on my studies and carry on with my extracurricular interests.

Following successful completion of the course, I was called to the Wales and England Bar in July 2023. You can see a photo of the ceremony above! Following this, I have already started a pupillage with Apex Chambers, a set of criminal barristers in Cardiff. Following the achievement of this year, I will have completed 5 years of training to become a bar-lawyer! I also completed a dissertation as part of my LLM focusing on the effect stereotypes have on juries' decisions in a trial.

I can't thank the staff and Trustees at James Pantyfedwen enough for their work making these grants possible. Thank you!