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Hannah Lowri Roberts

I will be forever grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for supporting my studies. I received a grant which has enabled me to study the viola on the Orchestral Artistry master's course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama over the past year. The Orchestral Artistry course is linked to the London Symphony Orchestra (the LSO) and so I have benefited so much from unforgettable experiences throughout my postgraduate studies.

I have played as part of the LSO viola section in 'Sit Ins' with Sir Simon Rattle, as well as attending orchestral workshops alongside members of the orchestra. I have also attended classes dealing with 'orchestral excerpts', playing at first sight classes and participated in mock auditions where I received feedback from members of the different sections of the orchestra. I have also attended outreach work sessions with the 'LSO Discovery' department. It has been a huge honor to be able to work alongside the London Symphony Orchestra and get an insight into the professional world, musically and socially.

I've enjoyed developing my orchestral experience further over the past year. I have enjoyed discovering, working and performing new music in various different projects such as the Guildhall School Opera Orchestra and the Guildhall String Ensemble. I have also performed occasionally at the Barbican Hall as a member of the Guildhall Symphony Orchestra. It was a great privilege to be able to perform in a project alongside the London Mozart Players this year. Over the past year, I have started working professionally with the London Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonia Cymru. 

I am extremely grateful to my teachers, Matthew Jones and Germán Clavijo, as well as all my tutors who have supported and inspired me during my time at the Guildhall. I have continued to expand my horizons in London as a soloist, chamber and orchestral player and have enjoyed performing regularly with my chamber group (Chiarina Piano Quartet). We have regularly received training sessions, and in 2022, we won the Ivon Sutton award. In addition, I was chosen to perform at this year's Guildhall Chamber Festival to perform

Enescu's Octet with my peers and teachers.

I have taken full advantage of the performance opportunities that have been available to me throughout my master's degree. I had the privilege of playing in a master class with Patrick Jüdt this year, as well as performing regularly in concerts, viola classes and string classes. All these experiences have enabled me to develop my playing to the highest possible standard.

My main career plan for the future is to gain a position as a member of the viola section in a British orchestra. Receiving a top quality education at the Guildhall has enabled me to establish a stepping stone from being a student to starting my professional career in the world of music. I'm excited to see what lies ahead!

I would like to thank the James Pantyfedwen Foundation again for the financial support. Without this generous grant, studying at the Guildhall would not have been possible and so I am extremely grateful.