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St Peter's Church Rhoose

After years of planning, fundraising and ultimately construction of our new building and church extension, The Hub @ St Peter's became a reality in 2022, and is now home to an increasing amount of activities and events, and numbers using the building have continued to grow. Therefore, the church became aware that they needed a better sound system to cover the whole space of the church, and applied for a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation.

The sound system, loop and Bluetooth receiver have all now been installed into the church and Hub. This means that all people present should be able to hear clearly the speakers at services and events, and groups that use the building, such as baby groups, can play nursery rhymes or quiet tracks through the sound system.  The speakers in the hall and cafe area both allow for music to be played to the whole of the building and also, for larger events, for people to hear speakers even if they are in an overflow room.  This will be of huge benefit to all users of the building, but most especially for worship and for large funerals.