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Ebenezer Abertillery

Ebenezer Baptist Church, Abertillery applied for a grant to help with buying and installing technology within the church. The aim was to enable live-streaming of services and events and to continue to reach greater numbers of people more efficiently and effectively. The installation has now been completed, and services are available on YouTube. These can be seen by following links on the church website: https://www.ebenezerabertillery.co.uk/.

During September 2021, the church has followed a series of 4 messages entitled Character matters: Lessons from the life of --- , and around 100 people have accessed these services. It seems that the church has doubled and possibly tripled the congregation by adding in the "virtual" congregation. According to the church, “many lessons have been learned along the way, regarding data protection and licences etc., and the pastor has been instrumental in advising and training a small team to use the system, benefitting from Christian contacts with professional expertise. Once again we are indebted to the support we have received from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation.”