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Holly Dempster-Edwards

In October 2020 I was hugely grateful to receive a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation towards undertaking an MA in Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds. I have now completed this degree and would like to say what a positive impact this contribution to my tuition fees has had on me and my studies.

Receiving this financial support has enabled me to pursue my passion for medieval literature and to focus on my studies and PhD applications, without having to worry about money. The Foundation’s support goes beyond the financial aspect of things: knowing that someone else believes in the value of my research has given me greater confidence in my own work and has ultimately contributed to my success and happiness.

My goal is to pursue a career in academia and my MA has acted as a stepping-stone towards a doctorate by allowing me to gain the skills necessary to undertake independent research, such as reading manuscripts and learning medieval Latin. I am about to commence an AHRC-funded PhD in French at the University of Liverpool, focusing on emotions in medieval French literature. I was thrilled to be offered fully funded PhD places at four universities, meaning I could choose the best supervisor for my project. The James Pantyfedwen Foundation’s contribution to my MA has facilitated this outcome: I am delighted to have been able to undertake this degree and pave the way for my PhD studies. 

Thank you to the Foundation for all your help!