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Eoin Murray

I was very fortunate to receive funding from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for the completion of my PhD thesis at Bangor University during the academic years of 2016/17 and 2017/18. I have now passed my viva (with minor corrections). The Foundation’s aid was invaluable in allowing me focus on my studies without monetary worries and I cannot thank you enough for the help provided.

My thesis was ultimately entitled ‘The Meaning We Give It: Utopic Manifestation in Interactive Media.’ And the benefits of this thesis are wide-ranging. My original and innovative methodology (called such by my external examiner) has provided much needed insight into the quantitative study of video games and shown how a utopian lens can reveal much about such narratives. The thesis also touched upon subjects such as social media manipulation and refugee narratives, something critically important to both academic inquiry and mainstream media. Overall, aspects of this thesis can be taken and applied to fields of study such as media studies, philosophy, sociology, psychology, narrative studies and even geography and time studies showing its multidisciplinary value. 

My future career plans are to find employment with a higher education institution following my time teaching at Bangor University while completing my thesis; though I am also considering looking for work in the video game sector as well to apply my skills there.

Thank you again for all your help.