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Llinos Anwyl

It is difficult to convey how much encouragement I received when offered the grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation. It was a huge help as it removed the burden of having to organise further loans.

I had studied for my BA in International Politics at Aberystwyth University, but decided to move to Cardiff to study for a MSc Econ in Welsh Government and Politics. This course touched on a variety of subjects, from Brexit to ministerial responsibilities and the history of devolution, amongst many others. In my first term, I chose to study modules on public policy, government from ministerial point of view and Modern Welsh Politics. I learnt about identity and its social influence, the history of devolution in the 20th and 21st centuries, Welsh law, and the theories behind policies. In my second term, I studied modules on feminism, public policy in Wales and Information Methods, which questioned the concept of truth. I enjoyed this module immensely because of my personal interest in philosophy and my first experience of studying such an abstract subject within an academic context. I decided to research social prejudice towards the Roma, gipsy and travelling communities, and how this prejudice damaged these people’s education. My dissertation focused on radical pedagogy, looking at the power of education and how social, political and historical lessons can help to emancipate Wales.

I hope to develop my career in the public sector, working for justice within disadvantaged communities. I would like to thank the Foundation once again for investing in my studies.