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Holly Azad

I have recently completed my MSc in Performance Science at Royal College of Music, London. This Masters has prepared me for professional life through timekeeping skills, independent learning, skills in communication and clear presentation, and confidence to communicate my ideas and theories in a coherent and concise way. The multiple modules included Performance Psychology and Performing Arts in Health & Wellbeing, and my dissertation allowed me to explore the possible benefits of mindfulness practices to operatic singers so that future education of operatic singers is possibly enhanced so singers have adaptive coping strategies for the stresses of musicianship.

The enhancement of these skills has actually led me onto the first step of my career's path. Currently I am a Diary Co-ordinator at the Musician's Answering Service; a company which helps musicians and fixers get work. This is an incredibly vital step in my career as prior diary coordinators have gone on to work in management for the likes of BBC Symphony Orchestra.

This course has been vital to my professional and personal life and I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Foundation for its help in achieving my Masters qualification, and enhancing both my future career and my personal life.