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Eifion Sven-Myer

My 12-month Masters course at The Glasgow School of Art has been a very fruitful year for me creatively and academically. The culturally thriving city has exposed me to new perspectives on art and has imbued a freshness in my work. The school has helped to refine my sensibilities in creating art that has a more concise and refined conceptual underpinning. My peers were a great source of inspiration as well as getting involved with artist run spaces inside the city outside of the school. The award granted to me from Pantyfedwen empowered me to fully focus on the program and not have to work a job alongside, which I’m sure would have affected the outcome of my grade, which was a Distinction.

The course had several electives I could choose from that meant I could experiment in some new areas I have not worked in before, one of them being a creative form of computer programming. Some of my final work included designs I drew then laser engraved into wood with painting on top that proved to be popular with my tutors, peers and the public. I have certainly benefited from being able to make contacts with art organisations within the city and with my good grade it will help me to progress in applying for a PhD. I am going to spend the next few months working out where I would like to study and putting together my proposal.

The grant I received made a significant difference for me not only as it allowed for me not to have to work an additional job, but it also permitted me to rent a comfortable and stress-free situation with regards to my accommodation. I am very grateful to Pantyfedwen for this and I am very glad that they exist and will help many more postgraduates reach their full potential.

Here is a link to photo’s of my degree show: http://www.eifionsvenmyer.com/us-us