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Eve Haynes

James Pantyfedwen were kind enough to give me a grant towards studying for an MSc in Geoenergy (2018/19) at Edinburgh University. The course covered a wide range of areas looking at alternative energy sources and the background disciplines associated with them. It has been incredibly interesting studying this at a time when the world is attempting to move away from fossil fuels as a primary energy source to mitigate global climate change. During the year I have studied courses in geothermal energy, hydrogeology, nuclear waste disposal, carbon capture and storage, environmental geochemistry, and future geo-energy sources. I also undertook a dissertation project investigating the storage of CO2 in basalts by mineralisation, through a suite of laboratory experimentations. In addition to the courses, we were given the opportunity to attend talks by leaders in alternative energies throughout the year, and attend two international conferences looking at the development of different alternative energy sectors and climate change mitigation.

I hope to pursue a career in the low-carbon energy sector, and am extremely pleased to have been able to undertake this Masters. I am very grateful to James Pantyfedwen for the grant they gave me, as it allowed me to undertake my studies with less worry about money and without the need for a part-time job – meaning I could devote my time fully to my studies. I feel extremely proud to have been able to study with Welsh support.