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Elis Llŷr Nuttall

I received a James Pantyfedwen scholarship during 2017 to help fund my MSc in ‘Environmental Change, Impact and Adaptation’ at Aberystwyth University.

This degree looked at various factors effecting climate change and analysing the ability of different populations to adapt to these changes and how to communicate the information to governments and to the public. I had a great opportunity working with Pwllperian Research Centre, looking at carbon stores and soil production as an assessment of the use of land in changing environments.

I have recently completed my dissertation, and am currently enjoying work as a supply teacher, although I do hope to eventually work in the environmental sector. I am also interested in undertaking a PhD in due course, although am keen to have experiences in the workplace before committing to this.

The course has been valuable to my professional and personal life, and I would like to thank the Foundation for its support.