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St Michael's Church, Caerwys

The James Pantyfedwen Foundation made a grant towards a project to improve facilities at St Michael’s Church, Caerwys so that it will accommodate growing congregations, ecumenical initiatives, and a wider engagement with the community. The project has provided toilet and kitchen facilities, improved the heating, and improved the lighting and audio-visual facilities so that people can hear and see with ease. It has provided new seating and floor surfaces, and improved provision in the chancel area by relocating a low wooden perimeter screen, and removing the choir stalls.

Also, at an early stage in the project, some Victorian mosaics and tiling of high quality were discovered, which the contractors restored with care. As the project developed, the work was revealing previously undiscovered features, and was encouraging the congregation to see features which had previously been taken for granted in a new light. According to Roland Ward, the Churchwarden: “The grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation was timely, and helped to roll all the phases of the project into one. At the end, our renovated church works well for us, but it also an inspiration”.