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St Jerome's Church, Llangwm

When St Jerome's Church in Llangwm, Pembrokeshire, had to face a huge bill for restoring their crumbling medieval church, they applied to many funders for support, including the James Pantyfedwen Foundation. They also decided to turn to their 12th century Flemish founders for help. Plans for a major research project on the little-known part played by Flemish invaders and settlers included DNA testing of local men (which revealed a genetic link all the way back to Flanders), an archaeological dig, a film, and monthly podcasts. But the jewel in the crown was a tapestry, The Talking Tapestry of Langum, drawn by a local artist, inspired by the drawings of local school children and stitched by 30 local women. It’s now on display in the newly restored church. The programme of restoration and the Heritage Llangwm Project has greatly enhanced the community use of the church and the number of visitors it attracts.