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Capel y Nant, Clydach

Capel y Nant in Clydach was formed when the congregations of Hebron Welsh Congregational Church, Carmel Welsh Congregational Church and Salem Presbyterian Church merged to form a new congregation making use of Carmel’s church building. The grant they received from Pantyfedwen was to modernise and improve the vestry, which will be used for worship and church meetings and be available for community use. Their mission statement is a good example of the vision which our Trustees are seeking to support:

Capel y Nant is a Welsh Church which is seeking to support and promote the Christian faith in Clydach, Swansea. We accept that we are on a spiritual journey and that this 
journey is founded on the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We endeavour to do our best to appreciate and to free the gifts possessed by all in our midst. With the support of Jesus's message we seek to challenge injustice in our local area, in Wales and in the world.