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Annabel Morgan

I cannot thank the James Pantyfedwen Foundation enough for their generous support, which allowed me to pursue an MPhil in English Studies at the University of Cambridge. 

After graduating with a degree in English from the University of Bristol, I wanted to continue the research I began with my undergraduate dissertation on the representation of Wales in Shakespeare. With the extensive resources available at Cambridge, I knew this was where I wanted to continue my studies to do justice to this underrepresented field of research. Thankfully, with the support of the James Pantyfedwen grant, this dream was made a reality. 

My thesis focused on Henry V's beloved Welshman, Fluellen, and his Welsh contemporaries on the early modern stage. Throughout my time at Cambridge, I was even able to touch Shakespeare's First Folio and see Henry V on page in its original form, which is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. The Master’s has not only provided me with an in-depth knowledge of the early modern Welsh on stage and countless unforgettable experiences, but has also given me confidence in myself and my abilities. I am now working in marketing for an audiobook charity in London, where I hope to expand our catalogue to include Welsh language texts and develop our work in Wales.

The scholarship has truly changed my life, and I will be forever grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for making this possible. Diolch yn fawr iawn!