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Danielle Burnett

I am very passionate about finding ways to support those with poor mental health and following my undergraduate degree in psychology, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how this can be achieved. I am sincerely grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for their generous support, which allowed me to pursue my interest by studying for an MSc degree in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health at Swansea University.

During the course, I gained invaluable insight into how clinical psychology is practised while developing my research skills. I learnt about the various social, environmental, and biological factors that contribute to mental distress and the therapeutic options available.  I was also given the opportunity to independently design and implement my own research project investigating ways to reduce mental health stigma. Not only was I fortunate to develop my academic skills during the course, but I also established meaningful life-long friendships and I am incredibly grateful to the Foundation for facilitating that.

I am currently working as a support worker supporting those with learning disabilities, autism, and mental health to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Soon, I hope to further my studies in mental health psychology and eventually practice as a Clinical Psychologist, where I can utilise my knowledge through helping those recover from complex mental health difficulties.