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Lowri Tudur

The grant I received from Pantyfedwen enabled me to study for a Masters' degree in Welsh Government and Politics. This course allowed me to research and write extensively about the political landscape of Wales, while learning about the development of public policies and more technical, legal developments linked to devolution in Wales. This was an opportunity for me to mature academically, and I was able to develop my critical thinking skills, research, and write challenging pieces of work. Furthermore, it enabled me to meet leading academics and lecturers who write extensively about Welsh politics and learn from them. All this contributed to my dissertation which investigated the possibilities for the future of devolution in Wales.

While studying, I had the opportunity to spend time in a Senedd Member's office to find out what was required of them on a day-to-day basis. I had experiences of writing questions for the Member to ask in the Senedd about various subjects, and the opportunity to communicate with constituents regarding their inquiries to the Member and liaise with the relevant recipients, including Cardiff Council, the IWA, amongst others. This experience showed my keen interest in pursuing a career in Welsh politics, which led to my current position in the Welsh Government's translation department. Without the Pantyfedwen grant, these opportunities would not have been possible. I am now looking forward to contributing to the Government's work in Wales, while also learning and developing new skills and meeting a wide range of people.