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Peter Lewis

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the generous funding provided for my postgraduate study. On account of the grant I received, I was able to complete an MSt in Nineteenth Century Literature at Pembroke College, Oxford. It was a challenging and exciting course that allowed me to write on such varied subjects as time travelling fairies and imperial amnesia in Edwardian children's fiction, surrealism in science fiction book cover art, and queer rewritings of Egyptian myths in fin de siècle women's poetry. In doing so, I was able to pursue research interests that I developed in my undergraduate course, while also gaining transferable skills. These include a range of IT skills, which I developed in a series of ‘digital humanities’ classes, as well as public speaking, which I gained through frequently presenting my research. I graduated with first class honours, and now, am an associate publisher for Elsevier, where I run a series of ‘Clean Energy’ journals. None of this would have been possible without the support from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, and I feel very privileged to have benefitted from such a wonderful organisation.