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Daniel O'Callaghan

The James Pantyfedwen grant enabled me to make the most of the Masters' course at Cardiff University. The nature of my Broadcast Journalism studies meant that I was expected to travel around Cardiff and the surrounding counties in search of stories. The grant for fees meant that I was in a more comfortable position to do this, to ensure that I returned to the newsroom with the best stories.

In addition, although I did not have to buy books for the academic elements of the course, many volumes were strongly recommended for my studies. The financial support ensured that I was able to take advantage of all the resources needed to develop my journalistic understanding.

Financing this particular course, which is expensive compared to many of the other courses on offer within the university, would have been very difficult for me personally. Therefore, the James Pantyfedwen Foundation allowed me to fully immerse in the course without worrying too much about financial stress. I hope that the Foundation has seen the value of funding a significant part of my studies - I now work as a journalist on the programme Y Byd ar Bedwar with ITV Cymru Wales.