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Amy O'Hare

I was awarded the James Pantyfedwen Grant towards my Masters course in 2021/22. I completed the Bar Training Course at Cardiff University with an additional Masters qualification in hope of becoming a barrister in England and Wales. I have always held part-time employment alongside my studies, but I knew that the Bar course was going to be more demanding and time consuming than anything I had ever done. The grant I received from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation enabled me to still work part-time but prioritise my course as it relieved some of the financial pressures that I had been worried about. As a result, the grant allowed me to dedicate more time to the course and I passed the Bar Course, achieving the fourth overall highest mark in the year and the highest mark in criminal advocacy. I was also successful in my application for pupillage to practice in Chester and North Wales. This grant has allowed me to achieve my potential, complete the Bar course and obtain pupillage in Wales as I had hoped. I cannot thank you enough.