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Eglwys Sant Marc Gwenlli

We organised a successful Sponsored Walk back in October 2021, received support from Ceredigion County Council, and, of course, a generous grant from the James Pantyfedwen Trust – and early in 2022, were able to buy a new organ. We are now able to sing hymns that were impossible to sing before due to the condition of the old organ. Also, the new organ can transpose music, and therefore, it facilitates singing with any audience and makes it possible to play music of any genre, be it traditional or modern.

A 'Concert of Thanks' was held in the church in April 2022, with local talents from the local Young Farmers Club, recitals on the organ, as well as congregational singing with a packed church.

The new organ has already made a huge difference to the church – improving the usual services on Sundays, as well as various other activities. Over the past few months, the church has hosted a wedding, baptisms, a funeral, a concert to celebrate the church's 125th birthday, and a thanksgiving service, and RABI have already booked their Christmas concert for December. Once the community heard that it was possible to hear high quality music in Gwenlli Church, a new buzz has been created, with members and the local community eager to organise activities in the church building. Many thanks to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for helping to give Gwenlli Church this opportunity.