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Llandinam Area Pastorate

Caersws, Oakley Park and Trinity Llanidloes churches form part of the Llandinam Area Pastorate of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, and they were keen to buy and install audio visual equipment. Grants were awarded by the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to support the project and screens and new audio equipment are all now in place and have been put to good use. This is the report received by Rev Monica O’Dea, minister of the three churches: 

“In Caersws Presbyterian Church, there is a 75-inch Samsung Smart TV screen either side of the back wall. There is a new microphone for the lectern on the dais and in the pulpit and a loop system installed for the hard of hearing. There is also a monitor on the front pew which is extremely helpful for those leading worship. Young families particularly have responded enthusiastically to the more interactive style of worship which this new equipment enables.  At baptisms there has been an instant hush and great attention given to the video versions of the Bible stories. All ages find the visual stimulus a help in getting the gospel across. 

In Oakley Park Presbyterian Church, the system is also working extremely well, and recently used for the children’s harvest and evening harvest services.  The elder has been designing a rolling PowerPoint presentation which is used to share all that is going on in the Pastorate and to highlight upcoming events. This is proving popular and a good outreach. 

In Trinity Church, Llanidloes the biggest screen was installed. It is 86 inches and the monitor and screen link into the very good audio system with loop which the church already had in place. We launched the new equipment at our ordination of three elders and induction of a fourth elder to Trinity Church. It was a truly joyful service, and the singing was so uplifting thanks to the use of the screen, lifting eyes and hearts in praise! 

Therefore, on behalf of our three churches and the whole Pastorate, thank you Pantyfedwen for making this possible. I praise God for his provision through you and for the way he is continuing his ministry and the building up of his kingdom here on earth. He has a plan and I am confident that the use of this kind of new audio-visual equipment is all a part of it.”