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Hannah Morris

I would like to send my best wishes and thanks to the Foundation for the scholarship it provided me for my MSc in Sustainability Planning and Environmental Policy at Cardiff University. I would not have been able to do a MSc without this support and I am extremely grateful.

Through this support, I have been able to put 100% of my effort into my studies, which I would not have been able to without the Foundation’s support as I would have had to work part time. I also have been able to undertake a voluntary unpaid internship with the Association of Sustainability Practitioners throughout this year, which has been invaluable. I was also able to continue with extracurricular activities including playing the piano and playing netball. 

I have achieved a Distinction in all my modules so far and just awaiting on my final dissertation mark. I have learnt about prevalent topics surrounding the circular economy; environmental politics; renewable energy development; and environmental management. I look forward to using my knowledge of these topics in wider society. I have now entered the world of work as a sustainability consultant at RedSix. 

Thank you again for allowing me to dedicate my whole time to my MSc. I am eternally grateful and will keep in touch with my future endeavours that the foundation has allowed me to do.