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Gruffydd Rhys Davies

With the financial support of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, I studied for an MPhil at the Department of Welsh at Aberystwyth University. The title of my thesis is 'Searching for apt words and a suitable register for God’s Word in twenty-first century Wales', where I examined three translations of the Bible into Welsh and their relevance for contemporary audiences. It was a valuable experience, and I enjoyed being able to discuss personal interests within an academic context. Before beginning my research, I believed it was an important discussion to be had in the context of current times and with a view to the future, and I have come to better understand the nature of the discussion and the relevant considerations over the last few years. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of academic research, and the next step is studying for a PhD in the same department. The title of this doctoral project will be Gwenallt's Legacy 1968–2025: how does a new archive challenge the accepted perceptions about Gwenallt, the man and the writer? I am once again grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for their support for my first year of study, and I look forward to this new opportunity.