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Hope-Siloh, Pontarddulais

‘Cerddwn ymlaen i’r yfory’ (We shall walk on to our tomorrow) – these are the words of one of the favourite hymns of a group of the younger members of Capel Hope-Siloh who often take part in services; many of them are also Sunday School teachers in the chapel.

Those of us who are teachers in our day-to-day work are very familiar with large touch screens in our classrooms - an interactive screen which gives everyone the opportunity to see and hear everything and which makes it possible to organise all kinds of activities to motivate the pupils, not to mention the ipads and computers that are on hand to further enrich experiences. Many of the chapel's Sunday School teachers felt that it is time for us to move with the times too, especially bearing in mind that these are the expectations of children and young people... indeed, isn't it essential for Sunday Schools to move with the times in order to survive...and don't our children and youth deserve the best?

These feelings led to the chapel's decision to buy a 55-inch touch screen for the Vestry, thanks to generous funding from the Westhill Endowment, Birmingham, and the Pantyfedwen Foundation. A screen on a trolley which can be moved smoothly from one place to another, and where we can show large and colourful presentations, show video clips, play games, encourage interaction, with an ipad and a computer owned by the chapel at hand...where we can offer exciting experiences to bring Christianity to life. Here we have taken our first steps in terms of digital investment, and there are still great strides to be made on the horizon. With these trendy 'shoes', I hope we can sound our praises and walk forward into tomorrow.

(Excerpt from an article by Meinir Jones that appeared in Y Tyst, the paper of the Union of Welsh Independents, April 14/21 2022