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Bardsey Book: Island Prayers

This book was written at the request of Bishop Andy, Bishop of Bangor, and collected together by Janet Fletcher, the Diocesan Spirituality and Ministry Officer of the Diocese, in celebration of 40 years of the Bardsey Island Trust.  It is a book that offers bi-lingual prayers, new and creative liturgy and reflections, and line drawings to evoke the place and space of this island, which has been a special place of prayer and pilgrimage since the 6th century.  It contains a pattern of daily prayer and offers a pilgrimage of reflection around the island, pausing at nine places of interest to pray and reflect, upon the self and upon all that can be seen and felt. There is a service of healing and one of Communion, plus other prayers to sit and pray alone.

According to Bishop Andy in his Preface, ‘this book is specifically about the Christian character of the island and how to journey beyond its geography and history into its heart and discover what has drawn countless generations there to prayer, silence, contemplation and inner reflection.’