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St James' Church, Wick, Cowbridge

Following replacing the roof of this 900-year-old Grade II listed building in 2017, the members were keen to embark on a further project to install toilet and refreshment facilities in order to improve the service that the church provides to the community. However, it soon became obvious that the building needed much essential work to address safety hazards before the members could start on a new project.

Grants were awarded from various organisations, including the Welsh Church Act Fund, the All Churches Trust, the Representative Body of the Church in Wales, Friends of St James’ Church, and the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, to support the essential work needed on the building. This included repointing the North, South and East walls of the chancel, repairing the damp damages to the internal walls, repairing the South Chancel window, removing the plinth beneath the font to remove a trip hazard and replacing it with new stone set flush to surrounding floor, moving the medieval stone away from the east wall and mounting it on new stone pillars, and making repairs to the tower and the weathercock.