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Laura Lynch

After completing an undergraduate degree in Health and Social Care, I decided to pursue a Masters in Sociology. The James Pantyfedwen Foundation grant enabled me to complete the degree, therefore I am extremely grateful for the funding that has helped me achieve my dreams to pursue a PhD at Bangor University. 

I cannot express how much I enjoyed my master’s degree, particularly undertaking research on graduate outcomes for non-traditional students in North Wales. Research demonstrates post-graduate opportunities are determined by pre-entry factors that influence graduate employability.  Hence the James Pantyfedwen Foundation is outstanding and so important for students across Wales to widen opportunities, particularly for marginalised groups.

I am pleased to say I was awarded a Distinction for my masters, with my dissertation focused on social class positioning and specific learning disabilities.    I have a particular interest in socioeconomic status, disability, inequality, and education. The next steps in terms of pursuing a PhD are to research these intersecting factors to address disparities regarding postgraduate outcomes. Being awarded the funding to undertake the sociology degree has provided me with various skills and insight regarding research design to complete a PhD.

I am so fortunate and grateful for the opportunities that the James Pantyfedwen Foundation’s funding has provided.  The grant has enabled me to gain new insight into subjects I am passionate about and has inspired me to research social justice for marginalised groups. I am eternally gratefully to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for providing me with the opportunity to further my education and career.