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Meleri Williams

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation after receiving the extremely generous grant as a contribution towards the fees of my MA in Broadcast Journalism at Cardiff University. At a particularly uncertain time, reducing the financial burden of paying for my course during a pandemic was a great help and comfort.

I had an amazing year training to be a journalist. The tutors at Cardiff University's School of Journalism are second to none and the new facilities in Cardiff Central Square are truly fantastic. Although we were able to use the radio and television studios in the building more or less weekly, there had to be quite a few adjustments made due to the lockdown periods and I spent a significant part of the year working and studying from home. I had to buy books for law and politics modules but I also invested in some books and autobiographies by journalists. I also invested in technology equipment and resources for my work as a trainee journalist in order to experiment and develop my skills independently.

I have now accepted a job with S4C News and have developed into a confident multi-skilled journalist. Many thanks to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for their support and generosity.