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David Sinton

I am incredibly thankful for the support the James Pantyfedwen Foundation has given me. Without the grant I received I would not have been able to accept my offer to complete MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The grant meant I was able to focus on my studies and explore my interest in philosophy. This allowed me to earn a distinction which has put me in a great position to be accepted to study for a PhD at a leading university in the future.

Without this grant I could not have lived in London for my studies pre-lockdown which was hugely beneficial in terms of accessing resources and face to face contact with staff. It also made a very stressful year much easier to deal with while studying at home.

Throughout the course I have strengthened my knowledge in all aspects of philosophy. My dissertation covered the issue of human enhancement and how issues in this area intersect with pre-existing social inequalities. I researched this area widely and deepened my knowledge in many areas of moral philosophy. These included crime, punishment and responsibility and questions of restitution for past injustice.

Once I have completed my PhD I hope to move into academia where I can pass on what I have learned to others. This would not have been possible without the grant I received from the James Pantyfedwen foundation who I would like to thank once again.