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Mabon Rhyd

Studying at the Guildhall College of Music and Drama would not have been possible without the grant I received from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, therefore I am extremely grateful. During the past year I have improved in many aspects of my performance, and have benefited so much from the experiences I gained whilst studying. Despite the Covid pandemic, since last September I have had the opportunity to perform with the Guildhall Symphony Orchestra, as well as many professional orchestras including NEW Sinfonia, Armonico Consort and Fidelio Orchestra. With my string quartet I have been fortunate enough to perform in many venues. We had the privilege of playing in a Masterclass with the Heath Quartet, as well as performing an on-line concert from the famous clock tower at St Pancras. Performing with fellow students of such a high standard has raised the level of my playing and artistry during my Masters degree.

Supporting these performances, the level of tuition I have received over the last two years from my one-to-one teacher, as well as in all other departments, has been amazing. My tutors and lecturers have inspired and supported me every step of the way, especially during the pandemic.

Although my experience of studying at Guildhall was not quite the norm, I have achieved many ambitions that I set at the start of the course. Over the next year I hope to develop a network of contacts in the performing world, while also gaining further experience as a violin and viola teacher. I will be undertaking a junior fellowship program at Guildhall, which will enable me to continue my part-time study at no cost while gaining a foothold in the industry.