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Iolo Kars Jones

Following completion of my undergraduate course, I was determined to apply what I’d learnt of preparing for climate change to the community I where was raised. Through my work I discovered the influence of the planning system, and its impenetrability to most citizens.

Thank you therefore to the Pantyfedwen Foundation for the financial support which allowed me to study for a master’s degree in town planning. I learned of the laws which govern our everyday space through a series of existing projects in Liverpool, my home for the year. By focusing my dissertation on public engagement in my local community, I also achieved my original aim.

I’m now confident of being able to interpret planning regulations in favour of the residents of the area I serve. Indeed, I felt able to stand as a candidate in the Senedd elections and deliver an informed opinion of the sector. Thanks to the scholarship I’m hopeful of working as a planner soon, aiding the shaping of resilient communities in the face of climate change.