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Beca Daniel

I am truly grateful to the Pantyfedwen Foundation for the financial support that made it possible for me to study for an MPhil degree in English Literature at Cambridge University. It was of course a unique student experience during the pandemic, but I really benefitted from studying the Master's degree, both in terms of my personal development and my academic career.

All the classes were held over 'Zoom', but I managed to meet new people, and learn more about various topics, such as the treatment of women's bodies in medicine during the 18th century, or the ways in which contemporary theatre has adapted to the digital world during the pandemic. I had the invaluable opportunity to work on the subjects that I have a passion for in contemporary literature. My main task was to write a 15,000-word essay on the relationship between contemporary American music and poetry.

I am delighted that I have passed my MPhil with a Distinction. I believe this will be of particular benefit as I pursue my goal of becoming a journalist and writer in the future. Thanks again to the Foundation for its support.