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Lauren Evans

I am very grateful for the immense help and support I have received from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation over the last couple of years as I studied for my MA in the School of Welsh at Swansea University.

This research on ‘Kate Roberts a’i Chyfoedion 1970-1985: Dylanwad ac Adwaith’ (Kate Roberts and her Peers 1970-1985: Influence and Response) has given me the opportunity to enhance my linguistic, literary and cultural knowledge in the field of the Welsh short story. I have also taken advantage of every opportunity to present my research to students and academics, contributing to symposia, research courses and conferences within Swansea University and beyond.

Since receiving the James Pantyfedwen award for the MA, I have been inspired to develop the study further, and have been able to change the MA into PhD study at Swansea University. I look forward to researching other important questions regarding the influence of Kate Roberts on her young Welsh peers and the reaction and response to that influence.