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Alys Greene

In 2019, I received a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to pay for my Masters fees at Cardiff University. I had already spent three years in the capital studying Law and Welsh, and had especially enjoyed the modules on devolution and law in Wales. With the James Pantyfedwen support therefore, I was given the opportunity to continue my studies in those fields and take the LLM course in Devolution and Governance in Wales.

During the course, I learnt in further details about the constitutional arrangements in the UK and about devolution in Wales, considering the subject within a more political context. I was able to sit in lectures and be part of discussions with experts in the field. I found the course very interesting, and it proved to be a great advantage as I started to apply for jobs.

Within a week of having completed the Masters course, I was offered a post with the Civil Service in Cardiff Prison. I have been working there for the last four months, and am making use of all I learnt about the justice system in Wales and England on a daily basis. There is no doubt that this Masters’ course was a great advantage as I started my career, and I would therefore wish to thank the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for offering me that opportunity.