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Emily Reynolds

From studying geology and geography at school and going on to graduate from Cardiff University in 2018 with a First Class Honours in Environmental Geoscience BSc, I was keen to further my studies to Masters level in the field of environmental science.

As a result of the support and generosity of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, I was able to complete the Cardiff University MSc Applied Environmental Geology programme in 2020 and receive my result as a Pass with Distinction. Subsequently, I have gone on to secure a Graduate Environmental Consultant role at Mott MacDonald, with whom I had aspired to work throughout my studies. These achievements would not have been possible without the support of the Trust to complete my MSc, for which I would like to express my gratitude and thanks.

My course encompassed two key disciplines within environmental geology; geo-environmental and geotechnical fields of work, which ultimately prepared me for a 6-month internship. Modules such as Contaminated Land and Environmental Assessment and Regulation involved studying contaminated land risk assessment and land reclamation, environmental impact assessments and understanding environmental law with respect to waste and landfilling practices. Modules such as Engineering Geology equipped me with the skills to understand risks posed by the behaviour of soil and rock in the context of landslide management, slope stability assessment and building foundations. Through studying the MSc course, I was able to undertake a student internship with WSP, where the company supported my dissertation, despite the adverse circumstances that 2020 brought.

Overall, the MSc provided a vocational learning experience, where each module is underpinned by current British Standards, guidelines and law in preparation for a career in industry. Studying this course has given me a wonderful career opportunity with Mott MacDonald which I feel incredibly grateful to have. My role provides me with the opportunity to contribute to a range of building and infrastructure projects on a global and local scale from an environmental standpoint, currently involving risk assessment and remediation of contaminated land and environmental permitting. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for providing me with the support to further my studies and pursue a career in environmental consultancy.