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Eleri Roberts

It was a great privilege to receive a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to study the MA Welsh and Celtic Studies course. I have always loved studying Welsh and am passionate regarding all aspects of the language; I was therefore very keen to continue to a Masters’ level, but would not have been able to do so without financial support.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course. I had studied Welsh, Music, Biology and Chemistry for my A Levels, and knew that I would love to become a teacher. I studied Welsh and Music for my undergraduate degree, and the Masters’ course offered great flexibility regarding my essay subjects. I completed one essay on a female Welsh composer who had been very influential early in the twentieth century; other essays were in the field of education, and one focusing on the best ways of encouraging children from English-speaking families to use the Welsh language socially; and my dissertation concentrated on the mental health provision for young people through the medium of Welsh. In our world of Covid and the emotional impact of the virus, it is essential that there is sufficient mental health support in Welsh for our young people.

I have now moved on to study the secondary PGCE course in Welsh at Cardiff Metropolitan University and hope to become a Welsh teacher at the end of the year. I feel excited to be able to inspire the next generations to take an interest in Welsh and realise how relevant the language is to all who live here.

There is no doubt that this course would not have been possible without the James Pantyfedwen Foundation’s financial support. I would like to thank the Foundation wholeheartedly for their valuable support.