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Joshua Creutzberg

I am an aspiring corporate solicitor, who aims to work within a commercial law firm in London. With this in mind, the LLM Commercial and Corporate Law provided by Queen Mary University of London was vital. The course itself has endowed me with a specialised and practical understanding of the area of law that I wish to practice in the future. Not only this, but living in London facilitated my ability to build an extensive professional network by attending legal events and engaging with London based firms and lawyers.

The tuition fees and cost of living in London were extremely high. Therefore, pursuing the course without financial aid would have forced me to work throughout my studies. However, thanks to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, seeking employment was not necessary, so I was able to focus on my studies. As a result, I ultimately achieved a merit in my postgraduate degree. In addition, the time I would have had to otherwise dedicate to part-time work, I was able to devote to attending many legal events to get my foot in the door with a number of highly reputable firms. I also undertook an externship with LawTech company, Cosmonauts Ltd, where I developed key practical skills and obtained an insight into the LawTech landscape. Both examples will most certainly increase my job prospects.

No doubt will this year have benefited my capabilities and my appeal to law firms. This, combined with the support from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, which allowed me to engage with these firms, will most certainly support the achievement of my ambitions.