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Carwyn Eckley

A year ago, I was very fortunate to be offered a grant by the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to help pay part of my MA tuition fees. This was an MA in Broadcasting Journalism at Cardiff University. It was good to know that I wouldn’t have to repay an even greater loan in due course, but the award also gave me some confidence as I faced some of the most challenging parts of the course itself.

Towards the end of the twelve-month course, I applied for a post with the Welsh-language BBC evening news programme, Newyddion 9. I started the job two months ago, and thoroughly enjoy working in a busy newsroom and being able to work through the medium of Welsh. I’m very grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for helping me secure a strong footing for my career, and I would encourage any student from Wales considering postgraduate options to apply for a grant.