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Rose Lyddon

With the help of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, I was able to undertake an MSt in medieval history at the University of Oxford. The Master’s has allowed me to develop the skills required for research in early medieval history—such as Latin and palaeography— and to gain a deeper appreciation of historians’ methods. My thesis was a diachronic study of ideas of martyrdom in early medieval England, focusing particularly on the relation between martyrdom and gender. A module on saints and sanctity from late antiquity to the middle ages allowed me to situate my research within a broader context; it was a genuine pleasure to spend a whole term reading and thinking about saints.

I’m beginning a PGCE in history this September, again at Oxford, and look forward to sharing the skills I’ve gained this year with students. I hope to remain engaged with early medieval history and am presenting a paper on Carolingian angelology at the upcoming Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference.